SunFlower - Sentinel for climate change by Joaquín Fargas español



SunFlower, Sentinel for Climate Change is a sculpture/installation that combines Art, Science and Technology to give an environmental and social message.

What is SUNFLOWER like? How does it work?

Sunflower is a Global Program about intelligent flowers that open at dawn and follow the sun during daylight and close at night. A “sun tracker” system allows them to constantly aim at the sun.
Their petals are solar panels that transform the sun´s energy into electricity to illuminate itself by night and to operate this sustainable system.

Each flower is an environmental weather station that monitors air pollution, UV radiation, and temperatures.
It has three cameras installed to take images of the landscape, the sun (through a telescope camera) and of itself to show its inclination.

The sculpture is located outdoors and sends wirelessly information and images to different displays inside the host-building, and to a website allowing visitors from any place in the world to enjoy the view.
The people can also plan to see the sunrise or the sunset from places where the sun is in a very different position.

Which is the message of SUNFLOWER Sentinel for Climate Change?

SUNFLOWER assumes a role in society. SUNFLOWER acts as a Sentinel for Climate Change.
The planet is going through, social, technological and industrial changes, which endanger the delicate environmental balance.
Symptoms may not be clear to everyone’s eye, especially to those who don’t evaluate the risk in a long term bases.

These flowers function as symbols and witnesses of the constant environmental changes the world is going through. The thermometers, cameras, are senses to these flowers, which perceive the weather conditions for the further communication.

The Sunflower Organization invites the Institutions to join the program allowing the global community to enhance the understanding of the delicate balance we are attached to. This critic and delicate perspective may be the beginning of a global change of mind in favour, and ahead of the weather.


© 2007 SunFlower - Sentinel for climate change - Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina